Alicia Keys – In Common

Communications / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Alicia’s new single “In Common” Available Now! Get it on:
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Director: Pierre Debusschere
Executive Producer: Ziggy Le Vin
Head of Production: Matt Leiderman
Producer: Keeley Gould
Production Company: Art + Commerce Film
Editors: Pascal Oberlin and Spencer Campbell


46 Replies to “Alicia Keys – In Common”

  1. Oh she so beautiful without the foundation and contours and blushes and blah blah and highlight here and there part and beat your face up with a brush part and get brown shit all over your clothes part. Ok yeah she is a beauty.

  2. It's 2018 and I still feel those confused feelings when i listen to this song. It was summer 2016, and I was so addicted to this song that I shared it with a friend. Two months later he has died. And I always cry to this song cause I think of him and about all the things that we had in common.

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