Algebra 2 – Solving Systems of Equations

Education / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

I am classically trained, in the world of the original Nintendo. (Check the shirt.) While you do, join us as we tackle solving 2 equations having 2 unknowns. It’s the elimination method gone wild. YAY MATH!
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37 Replies to “Algebra 2 – Solving Systems of Equations”

  1. Honestly, We need more teachers like him. Makes everything so entertaining and he is also so Enthusiastic about this. Other teachers now days are so corrupt. They become so lazy and so unwilling to teach students. They just show you a video and give you a packet. Thanks to this guy, I felt like I was being taught one on one. And I now understand everything my lazy, boring teacher 'tried' showing me. Well I hope you also have a video on elimination and  graphing. (: God bless to this teacher.

  2. You should have more seminars for teachers on HOW to implement interesting ways for students to learn and the importance it has on students ability to learn. I did have a teacher in college that said jokes and someone said rude remarks to him. I did encourage him. However, he never came back to teach.

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