Guide to buying a used laptop computer from another person.

Computer / Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

This video is full of tips of things to watch out for on buying a used laptop computer from somebody else. It could be eBay, Craigslist, or just somebody you met on the street. I also cover ways to determine the computers value.


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  1. Red Flags:

    As you said, PayPal is fine on eBay. Also, PayPal now has strong protection for buyers, where you can return an item for a full refund and they pay the postman.

    Missing adapter: With eBay, just check the seller rating. Don't deal with anything less than 99.6% with 100 or more laptops sold. Quite a few highly rated sellers have over 50% of their laptop inventory minus the power supply. I'm talking 100% rated sellers with a thousand or more sales under their belts. They can't all be stolen. They have all manner of universal adapters in their refurbishing shops, and it's not worth their time to buy and match adapters — it's worth YOUR time. I've done it a half dozen times, with no problem, but I never deal with less than stellar ratings.

    Password: I agree, mainly because there's no way seller could have checked it out thoroughly without knowing the password.

    Too good to be true: If you know how to look, you can find incredible deals on eBay that seem WAY too good, yet they're completely legit. Again, check out the ratings, and read comment histories. Ask the seller a question to get a feel for his/her user support and motive for selling.

  2. I was searching for a used laptop this summer and I stumbled on the deal of a life time. A Dell Inspiron 3537(i7 4500u, hd8850m) for $350 with a bag, a cooler, the original charger, its receipt and 1 year of warranty still left in the store he bought it from. I originally wanted to buy a lenovo thinkpad t420 and upgrade it but I searched around some more and after a while I ended up with this 😀

  3. The only thing I would I buy used, is either vehicles, or eBay items such as Cassette Decks, Cassette Players/Recorder, etc. since they don't make Cassette players nowadays, well now they're making a come back and some company's are making them, but the older ones are the good ones to get, which obviously they'd be used.

  4. I'm still using my macbook from 2008. Sure I've upgraded it with an SDD and some extra memory. But, imo, for a daily laptop (light usage), it is outperforming a new windows stock laptop.

  5. I generally by off lease Dell Latitudes from reputable Ebay sellers and I usually get them without a hard drive. You can really get a good deal and only once did I get a lemon and the seller traded it out for an equivalent laptop. What I like about the off lease Dells is there are so many parts on Ebay you can fix them cheaply if something breaks. This has worked out well because my daughter tends to drop her laptop off of her bed a lot or ruin the keyboard with food. All easily fixed for a few dollars.

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