Growing Beautiful yellow Crystals of Sulfur! Cool Chemical Experiment!

Chemical / Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Hello everyone. Today we are going to grow beautiful crystals of sulfur.
For this, we will need toluene and crystalline sulfur. Let’s take a flask and fill it with 10 grams of crushed sulfur.
Then we will need to pour about 100ml of toluene into the flask and turn the stove on to heat up our mix. When it is heated, our sulfur starts to dissolve in toluene.
Also, I have to tell you that this experiment should only be done in outdoors or inside a fume hood.
After the mixture reaches 95 degrees Celsius, all the sulfur will completely dissolve in toluene. Now let’s leave the mixture to cool down.
Upon reaching 55°C, yellow needle crystals of sulfur will begin to precipitate in the flask.
Also, if the mixture is heated again, the crystals will dissolve and the experiment can be repeated one more time.
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  2. This is a fascinating experiment. The solvent used is toluene. Although its odor is unpleasant, toluene is not toxic. If toluene is inhaled or if a minor amount is swallowed, the methyl group on the toluene molecule is rapidly oxidized to -C00H in the liver. The toluence metabolite is known as benzoic acid and it is easily and rapidly excreted by the kidneys and especially if the urine is alkaline. Despite this metabolism, one should NEVER swallow toluene. If toluene is swallowed by an idiot, some of not all of it will go down the oesophogus. Instead, some of it will be aspirated down the trachea and into the lungs to cause aspiration pneumonia that can be fatal. Also, since toluene is a fat soluble molecule, it will dispute and kill cell membranes. Since toluene is unpleasant to smell or taste, I doubt anyone in the world would ever try to deliberately ingest it. Despite this, nothing surprises me. In my past, I was Proprietor, Manager and Pharmacist in Charge of two busy pharmacies. During my career, I had frequent contact with people who self administered toxic chemicals. In Australia, 1% of the adult population has abused inhaled solvents to get "high" and the popular inhaled solvents included petrol (mainly octanol), acetone, butane, terpentine, methylated spirits, diesel fuel and other relatively cheap chemicals that are widely available.

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  4. I tried this and overheated the solution a bit, plus scaled it up and used 500ml toluene and 50g of sulfur. The result was much smaller monoclinic crystals, which stacked up as they fell from the solution, they precipitated in the middle of the solution quite a bit, causing it to sparkle, the formation was very interesting

  5. Очень красивые кристаллы. Жаль, что в РФии толуол продают разбодяженным. Бензол нормальный можно купить, толуол – нет.

  6. thats like a smaller version of Mexican crystals but there giant sized
    makes me think that they had some real hot thing happen once upona time to make those crystals grow so large as they did
    and this experiment reminds me of that place

  7. Hi, I tried this and I got similar crystals to you. Long and needle like. They are so fragile though, is there any way to make them thicker? Also the person below said they got rhombic crystals, ive seen naturally grown sulfur crystals that look more like that shape. It would be cool to try and achieve that too. Any advice on how to do that? Thanks so much great video 🙂

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