Chemistry is Awesome! Ultimate Compilation of Best Experiments

Chemical / Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Chemistry is awesome kind of science. In this video you will find an amazing chemical reactions like golden rain, chemical clock, dry ice experiments, barking dog experiments, burning of some substances, crystals, acetone flash light, three-layer liquid and so on!
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23 Replies to “Chemistry is Awesome! Ultimate Compilation of Best Experiments”

  1. I am pleased to note that you took the trimethyl borate video from my channel. Would you please be so kind and put a note in the description? I would really appreciate it.

    С приветом из Германии

  2. Hi guys I and my friends have created a channel all about a chemistry and science, which we do fantastic experiments😄. If you want to see just one video this is the channel. Thanks for support 😉

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